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When it comes to the lines running through your home, you want to make sure they are in top condition. A slow leak in the bathroom faucet can drastically increase your water bill. It can also enlarge at any time and turn into a massive leak that causes serious damage. Some water leaks go unseen for weeks before they are caught. A slow drip under the dishwasher is a serious problem, and a tiny tear in the water supply line for your toilet will cause your floor to rot. Avoid major repair bills by calling for service at the first sign of a leak. We will respond as quickly as possible to minimize damage and keep your home safe.

The other end of the equation involves the drain lines in your home. Slow drains are an annoyance, but they are usually easily treated with a quick service call. However, a drain that is consistently slow despite being serviced could be a symptom of a larger problem. Tree roots invading your sewer lines will eventually block the line completely and leave you with serious problems. Call on the team at Lindmark’s to determine the exact course of the problem and the best treatment.

Our highly experienced plumbers can repair, maintain or replace water heaters and boilers as well as providing other services. Call on us when you are having your kitchen or bathroom remodeled and need lines moved. We will install new lines for your outdoor kitchen and can even relocate drain lines. Whether you have a major project planned or just have a minor repair, you can count on the team at Lindmark’s.